D&Q to republish three Lynda Barry masterpieces


The Lynda Barry renaissance that’s been underway at D&Q for the last few years with What It Is, Syllabus and reprints of her early comics strips now comes to its crowning moment with new editions of three books that can justly be called masterpieces: The! Greatest! Of! Marlys!, a colelction of comics featuring barry’s signature […]

Small Press Expo announces first guests and alt.weekly focus

Small Press Expo Announces Guests Jules Feiffer, Lynda Barry and James Sturm - heidi.macdonald@gmail.com - Gmail

  What a great idea for a comic programming focus: this year’s Small PressE Expo, to be held September 13-14 in Bethesda, MD, will spotlight the history of alt-weekly comics, a powerful if now vanished, platform that saw creators such as Jules Feiffer, Matt Groening and Lynda Barry emerge along with dozens of other. And […]

FILM REVIEW: CARTOON COLLEGE Gets Under the Skin of Making Comics


Representing comics production in popular culture has long been missing a piece of the puzzle. We’ve had excellent documentaries about ground-breaking creators like Will Eisner, characters like Wonder Woman, and even explorations of rising con-culture in the USA, but the least likely to receive attention, the mode of indie comics production right now, has come […]

Goin' APE 2010: Who's where

This weekend, among a plethora of worldwide comics events, the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco is surely the premiere event for alt and indy comics. Headlined by Dan Clowes and Lynda Barry that’s probably enough right there, but why stop — other guests include Megan Kelso, Tony Millionaire, Renée French, Tommy Kovac, Rich Koslowski, and more. If it were less than a plane ride away, we’d be there in a heartbeat.

Here’s a VERY quick rundown of who’s doing what at the show: