Podcorn Podcast 2/3/16 — How Do We Build a Comics Industry for the 21st Century?


We’re heading towards a tipping point in the market. Companies are partnering up with Walmart and Loot Crate and other alternative sales avenues are on the rise. DC is undergoing a Rebirth. Where do we go from here? How do we build a comics industry for the 21st century?

Wars and Loot Crate ruled 2015 single issue comics sales


The Hollywood Reporter and Comichron put together a list of 2015’s best selling single issues, based on estimated sales only of course, so salt yadda yadda: Star Wars No. 1 (985,976) (Marvel Entertainment) January Secret Wars No. 1 (527,678) (Marvel Entertainment) May Bravest Warriors: Tales From The Holo John No. 1 (502,737) (BOOM! Studios) May […]

May sales: The Loot Crate effect lifts all boats

Bravest Warriors Tales of Holo John

By John Jackson Miller — Marvel’s Secret Wars revival made a big splash in the comics market in May, moving more than 527,000 copies to comic shops in North America. That’s according to Comichron’s estimates for May 2015 comics sales based on information released by Diamond Comic Distributors. You can find the report here.

That’s enough to place the issue fourth on the list of best-selling comics of the century, and it could go higher with reorders. It came in a month when strong six-figure launches from A-Force and Old Man Logan, and a dominating performance from Batman: Earth 2 Vol. 2 on the graphic novel charts helped push the market to a 13% increase.

Comichron: October 2014 comics estimates online—Looking at the Loot Crate Effect

The Walking Dead #132

October smashed all comics records from the last decade-plus again, with a thousand new comic books, graphic novels, and magazines hitting the market. Based on Comichron’s analysis of data released by Diamond Comic Distributors, comics shops in North America ordered more than $56 million in printed product during the month. Seven comic books had orders of more than 100,000 copies. Click to see the sales estimates for comics ordered in October 2014.

Highlights of the month included Diamond’s Halloween ComicFest, its fall counterpart to Free Comic Book Day — and topping the charts again, we have a comic book whose sales were greatly inflated by a single order from the pop culture subscription club, Loot Crate. Image’s Walking Dead #132 far outdistanced other comic books offered in October, with estimated orders of more than 326,000 copies.

Rocket Raccoon #1’s Initial Orders Inflated By Single Source

art by Skottie Young

by Brandon Schatz A few days before the book’s final order cut-off with retailers, Marvel let it slip that their upcoming Rocket Raccoon series had garnered over 300,000 initial orders, well above expected estimates for the series. Yesterday, the other shoe dropped as reports came in regarding mass quantities of the book having been ordered […]