Fool’s Gold: Searching for Longbox Treasure: Asbury Park Comic Con, Part 2

superman 261

When last we saw our stalwart treasure seeker, he was riding the subway, reading comics which he had found in the discount bins at a comics convention a beer bottle’s throw from the Asbury Park boardwalk. What tawdry tales did he thumb through while riding the rails to and from work? What four-color fictions fed […]

Digital News: LongBox launches on ADAM; goes to v. 1.1

LongBox, the long brewing desktop app for purchasing digital comics, has just gone to version 1.1 and announced that it will be bundled with Norton Ink’s upcoming ADAM tablet, which features a Pixel Qi screen which enables it to be red in even bright sunlight. PR on the move below, but CEO Rantz Hoseley also stopped to chat with Bleeding Cool and reveal some of the reasons why a desktop store is still useful in a world filled with proprietary apps: