Marvel wants you to “Vote Loki!” because this election just doens’t have enough mischief already


  Comics characters running for president in a presidential election cycle is a hallowed tradition. Bill the Cat did it. The Demon did it. Howard the Duck did it. Uncle Duke did it. And now Loki, the Norse god of mischief.  Because this presidential cycle needs more mischief. Sadly, as he is not a native […]

C2E2: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm


Marvel are kicking off a weekend of announcements today with news about some Original Sin tie-ins. The main Original Sin series will see The Watcher get shot up something rotten, his eyeballs getting ripped out, and everybody finding out deep and dark secrets which previously only Uatu knew about. It’s like superhuman wikileaks, basically. And […]

What Can the THOR: PRELUDE Comic Tell Us about the DARK WORLD Film?

Thor The Dark World Prelude Preview Comic Book cover

Firstly, there’s such a thing as a comic called THOR: THE DARK WORLD, “Prelude”, a two-part “limited series” introduced this month which is apparently designed as a movie tie-in meant to bridge the gap for readers between the first THOR film and the new DARK WORLD film set for release in the US on November […]