CrowdWatch: Locust Moon to publish long lost Will Eisner comic strips


Well speak of the devil, here’s a new Kickstarter from the Locust Moon folks that plans to reprint some long lost early work by Will Eisner. The story of how it came to light is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard: A collector outside Philly discovered 104 zinc plates engraved with work that […]

Nice Art: Bill Sienkiewicz does poster for 2015 Locust Moon Festival


This year’s Locust Moon Festival—Philadelphia’s indie focused one day comes shows—will be held on Halloween and just got a stunning poster by Bill Sienkiewicz. It doesn’t get much better than that. Guests at the show include Sienkiewicz, Alex Kitchen, Chris Claremont, David Mack, Dean Haspiel and Noah van Sciver. Locust Moon, the Phillie comics shop, […]

Kickstarter success story: Little Nemo anthology funded and you will want a copy


Locust Moon Comics in Philadelphia has been putting together ran all-star anthology celebrating Winsor McCay’s LIttle Nemo with contemporary artists going nuts artistically. The above strip by David “Mouse Guard” Petersen is but one example of many jaw-droppers. The Kickstarter for the book launched Monday and has already been funded, but you will probably want a copy of it, anyway. Here some more art just to add to the persuasion.