First Look: Lego’s Super Jumper Iron Man IN ACTION


Lego now has superhero minifigs that leap into the air and fall apart, wiaiting for mom to step on and did to clean up. This spring-action play factor is only available with the suerhero line. There’s a also a super jumper Batman but we didn’t get that in action. . All of this and more was shown off at Toy Fair this morning, as bleary eyed toy reporters convened in the frigid cold. More pics in a bit!

Lego Helicarrier, Lego Helicarrier, Lego Helicarrier!

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Lego has made a Helicarrier. Repeat, LEGO HAS MADE A HELICARRIER. OVER DO YOU COPY? And it comes with Black Widow AND Maria Hill! Oh and HAwkeye, Nick Fury and Captain America. And 3 Quinjets, and and and…It’s not the one from Avengers: Age of Ultron (if there is one) but who cares. It come […]