Play Kyle Baker’s Mass Murderer of Steel game


Inspired by the backlash against MAN OF STEEL’s property destruction, Kyle Baker has ceated a flash game called MASS MURDERER OF STEEL that allows you to enjoy it endlessly. The game play is actually quite enjoyable as a tussling Zod/Superman smash into buildings and women scream. “Enjoy high-flying mass destruction as you ignore the hideous […]

Holy cow: COWBOY WALLY animation test

Kyle Baker has posted a very short animation test for what appears to be an animated version of Cowboy Wally, a strong contender for funniest graphic novel of all time. (Man, it took some real detective work to figure that one out, right?) Those of you predisposed to get excited about this, now is the […]

Kyle Baker unveils SMASH MANNIX VS THE MOB for Aces Weekly

Mere days ago we revealed ACES WEEKLY, a new digital anthology which cartoonist David Lloyd is launching. The contributors list sounded awesome, but no sample pages were released. However Kyle Baker has posted a huge preview of SMASH MANNIX VS THE MOB, his strip for the anthology, writing:

Tezuka-esque CIRCUIT BREAKER by McCarthy and Baker is coming from Image Comics

We’ve alluded to this a few times, but Kyle Baker has posted some art from a new Image book by himself and Kevin McCarthy called CIRCUIT BREAKER, which is:

When Kevin sent me his story about a little girl robot in futuristic Tokyo, I thought it would be funny to draw it in the style of my favorite Japanese cartoonist, Osamu Tezuka!

Fiffe Files: Kyle Baker

It’s Kyle Baker’s birthday today so wish him a happy birthday over on Facebook, visit his blog, leave a comment, and buy tons of his books while you’re at it. For the occasion, I wanted to spark a discussion about the differences between digital vs hand drawn comic art. What better artist to focus on […]