Surprising No One, the End of Marvel’s SECRET WARS is Delayed into 2016


The first issue of Marvel’s brand new Secret Wars shipped in May of this year and was originally scheduled to conclude in eight issues. However, it now looks like Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic’s epic has been delayed into next year. According to the Diamond Distributors, Secret Wars ninth and final issue now has a January 6th street date. […]

SDCC ’15: Image Comics: Where Creators Own Process


By Nick Eskey On July 9th at San Diego Comic-Con, the creators of comics “Eat of West” (Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta) and “Invisible Republic” (Gabriel Hardman and Corrina Bechko) gathered on behalf of Image Comics. These comic writers and artists were present to discuss the processes that they use to create their perspective works. […]

SDCC ’15 Hickman might not be Done With the Marvel Universe (Secret Wars Panel Recap)


Friday kicked off Marvel’s Secret Wars panel that sported a presence from author Jonathan Hickman. With the announcement that the author planned on leaving/scaling back his Marvel work, this could be the last we see of Hickman from a very long time with an official Marvel presence. Included among the panelists was Marvel Executive Editor […]

Review: Secret Wars #2 Is a Solid First Issue in Disguise


Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Esad Ribic Colors: Ive Svorcina Letters: Chris Eliopoulos • WHEN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE IS GONE, ALL THAT REMAINS IS BATTLEWORLD! • LEARN THE SECRETS OF THIS BRAVE NEW REALM IN THIS SPECIAL OVERSIZED ISSUE! Well folks…that’s how to write an event comic. Secret Wars #1 had so many plot threads to tie-up […]

Review: The Dying & The Dead Confounds and Amazes With Dense First Issue


eave it to a project helmed by Jonathan Hickman to be impeccably designed. The first issue of The Dying & The Dead brings together long-time collaborator Ryan Bodenheim as artist, colorist Michael Garland, and lettering duties by Rus Wooton for a whopping 60-page issue; and the sheer amount of information conveyed is akin to a freight train dropping from the sky at terminal velocity. In a good way, I assure you.

Hickman Relaunches The Manhattan Projects and Takes a Marvel Break


By: Alexander Jones Jonathan Hickman is going through a pretty massive career change. First up, he’s relaunching The Manhattan Projects with a new number one and title change, with The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond The Stars #1. Expect the new #1 on March 11, 2015, along with Nick Pitarra on art with Jordie Bellaire on colors. […]

Hickman & Bodenheim Bring ‘The Dying And The Dead’ To Image Surprising No One


by Zachary Clemente “The last story of the Greatest Generation” Don’t let the semi-snarky headline fool you – I love me some Hickman Madness. Secret with artist Bodenheim was one of my favorite short series releases of the past two years and I adore both Manhattan Projects and East of West. Beyond his actual work, what really […]