Photocomix are strange creatures. They look like a hybrid of a photography medium and a comics format, and when you spot them in the wild you’re never sure whether they arose as some part of a natural evolutionary process in art or if they were the result of some kind of misguided experiment, maybe even […]

On the Scene: Dean Haspiel Storms Long Island


“An Evening with Dean Haspiel”, held at the Cinema Arts Center, in Huntington Long Island on October 4th, was as much a tour of the last twenty years of comics history as a look at Haspiel’s long and varied career thus far. His immense oeuvre presented plenty of fodder for discussion, as well as the […]

Dean Haspiel, Emmy winner

They said it couldn’t be done but at Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmys, Dean Haspiel was a winner in the Main Title Design category for Bored to Death, along with collaborators Tom Barham, Marci Ichimura, and Anthony Santoro. Haspiel is shown here with series creator Jonathan Ames and their Emmy.

Other nerdcentric winners were Neil Patrick Harris for Glee, Robot Chicken for Outstanding Short-format Animated Program and Isaiah Mustafa for the best Commercial, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. And of course, Betty White.