SDCC ’15: Netflix Release the FIRST Images of Jessica Jones Series, Featuring Luke Cage!


Netflix has just released the first press images from its Jessica Jones original series.  The followup to spring’s breakout hit Daredevil, Jessica Jones continues to darken the tone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  After a tragedy ends her career as a superhero, the series sees Jones attempting to rebuild her life as a typical private eye– albeit one with […]

AKA Jessica Jones is now just Marvel’s Jessica Jones

luke cage jessica jones

AKA Jessica Jones was always kind of a clumsy title for the televised adaptation of Marvel’s Alias, even when it was going to be an ABC series a few years back. But, thanks to the keen eyed folks over at, it looks like Marvel is fixing that issue for the Netflix iteration of the […]

Comic Book Casting Extravaganza: Cumberbatch, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Deadpool, Walking Dead II….


Oh man, everyone in the comic book media game decided to overload the circuits with a flood of casting announcements yesterday! What are YOU most excited about? (Photo: Jason Bell) • Marvel made it official! Benedict Cumberbatch IS Doctor Strange! Now you may say this casting is too on the nose but with a nose […]

Marvel/Netflix to Launch Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Power Man and Iron Fist Shows plus…THE DEFENDERS


Marvel and Netflix have announced a staggering deal which means they’ll be releasing four TV shows online over the next few years. Starting with a thirteen-episode order for Daredevil, Netflix and Marvel will subsequently release a Jessica Jones show, a Power Man show and an Iron Fist show – all leading to a team-up event […]