Jerry Ordway again


The case of Jerry Ordway — a talented veteran artist who is not getting as much work as he should— continues to resonate. It isn’t really about Jerry Ordway. it’s about comics, and about the manny many aspirants and passers by and the few who are called. Mark Evanier addresses the odds:


Must read: Jerry Ordway on ageism in comics


The gravy train usually has a very short ride.


Review: The Death of Superman


Nowadays we think of it as the pre-mullet era of Superman, but at the time The Death of Superman was an incredibly big idea for DC. A story which killed off their main signature hero was not only an eventual inevitability, but also an idea which would actually have some resonance for the company. Superman […]


Palmiotti, Gray and Ordway launch DC's Human Bomb

By Steve Morris Suspiciously, DC have today announced on CBR that writers Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Jerry Ordway will be the creative team for a four-issue ‘Human Bomb’ miniseries. Why suspiciously? Because this follows two previous miniseries by the writers, which also starred members of DC’s Freedom Fighters team. SUSPICIOUS WORK IS AFOOT!