The Beat’s Annual Comics Industry Survey, Part One: The Return of Siegel & Shuster and “Casey”


Yep, it’s our annual survey of the comics landscape, from the mainstream to the indies and everything in between. Each year we send out surveys to as wide a swath of comics pros around the world as we can muster…among the answers you’ll find lots of news of 2015 projects, predictions of the year ahead…and right off the bat some startling news from Jeff Trexler about a possible legal bombshell in 2015…and the return of Casey from James Sturm’s epochal comic strip “The Sponsor.” Hold on to your hats and let’s get going.

Preview: Jeffrey Brown Incredible Change-Bots Two Point Something Something


Thanks to the success of his TWO Star Wars series—”Goodnight Darth Vader” has been on the bestseller list for weeks, and his Jedi Academy is a hit series for Scholastic—Jeffrey Brown has become one of the most successful contemporary cartoonists. But before he hit with Star Wars, he was making kids and adults laugh with […]

Announcing: New Jeffrey Brown Star Wars book, Goodnight Darth Vader, with BONUS VALENTINES


Five Days of Valentines supplemental: Jeffrey Brown’s two Star Wars cartoon books—Darth Vader and Son, and Vader’s Little Princess—have been huge sellers so to no one’s surprise a third book is coming out, called Goodnight Darth Vader. The cover has just been revealed, above. Like the first two it’s a surprisingly touching use of the […]

Preview: Jeffrey Brown’s A Matter of Life


Jeffrey Brown been busy in the past year or so with his best selling Star Wars cartoon books—Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess—and an indie film based on his work—Save the Date— but he’s coming back to the genre that made his name with June’s A Matter of Life, a full-color exploration of […]

Process: Jeffrey Brown’s Vader’s Little Princess


Following up on last year’s bestselling Vader and Son, Jeffrey Brown is back this April with Vader’s Little Princess a series of gags based on Vader as dad to little Leia, from toddler to teen. Art Director Steve Mockus has a process post on putting together the book’s cover; since it covered an age range the idea wasn’t immediately apparent.

Non-Shock: Jeffrey Brown's Star Wars cartoon books is a Father's Day best seller

As we previously noted, and as this sales chart shows, and The B&N chart from last night confirmed, Jeffrey Brown’s DARTH VADER AND SON is doing very well, especially in advance of Father’s Day this Sunday. The Tribune interviews Brown with a classic cartoonist profile description:

Studio Coffee Run 5/18/12: Sin City 2, Man of Steel and Save the Date

Here is some news about the Jeffrey Brown co-written indie movie Save the Date, a new poster for Sin City 2, Man of Steel Rumors, Blade Runner Deuce developments and more.

Jeffrey Brown news: SAVE THE DATE picked up by IFC; Dash Shaw analyzes cats

Two bits of Jeffrey Brown-related news!

Darth Vader and Son—the trailer

Jeffrey Brown’s DARTH VADER AND SON is a book of gentle humor centering on the idea of Darth Vader as dad to a four year old Luke Skywalker. And amazingly, it is not only an officially licensed Lucasfilm product…but they even made a trailer for it with James Earl Jones reading a line or two.

31 Days of Halloween: Jeffrey Brown

Comics Alliance is running a Monster Project by such folks as Dean Haspiel and Tom Fowler and here, Jeffrey Brown. All art will be eBayed to benefit the CBLDF at the end of the project so please peep for a very good cause!