DC announces complete art line-up for Justice League vs Suicide Squad, including Howard Porter


While Rebirth seems to be a hit with fans and retailers, DC can’t just sit around heaving a sigh of relief. So in December they’re rolling out Justive League vs Suicide Squad, an event/crossover/battle royale starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and so on. Joshua Williamson is writing this tale. The […]

Nice Art: Justice League’s Jason Fabok Covers the WonderCon 2016 Program


Here are the final colors by Brad Anderson and the digital inks by myself for @WonderCon! Check it out pic.twitter.com/mTq5fUCBAF — Jason Fabok (@JasonFabok) February 29, 2016 Artist Jason Fabok (Justice League) has been on the rise at DC Comics. The artists’ signature style filled with sleek line work and impressive, expressive characters has been […]

What’s Happening At Batsgiving?


All DC’s comics this week feature a two-page ‘Happy Batsgiving’ image, which is actually a teaser image for the weekly Batman Eternal series starting next year. Featuring most of the Batman characters all gathered round for the least friendly meal you could possibly imagine, there’s meant to be all kinds of secrets and hints hidden […]