REVIEW: Joe Hill’s Terrifyingly Tragic Treasury Edition is Actually Terrifying

I guess I should have expected that, the terrifying part, given not only the title, but the author concerned. I somehow missed reading Joe Hill’s short story THE CAPE when it was winning all kinds of awards, so first encountered it here in comics form in IDW’s recent “Treasury Edition” of several short comics from Hill’s oevre.joehill_treasury_cvr The edition is unusual in very attractive ways. It’s extra large in format, semi-hard cover, glossy, only 10 bucks, and  visually screaming its showcase function for great comic art, but it’s also, intriguingly, a collection following the work of a particular writer in comics.

That’s not unheard of in the least, but it’s much more common to see collections of Neil Gaiman’s work, or Alan Moore’s, or even Grant Morrison, and Joe Hill is much younger than these guys. But he’s Joe Hill, which seems to be the well-deserved justification. If you’re new to Hill, he’s the multi-award winning creator of LOCKE & KEY, ongoing since 2008 from IDW, and while this volume does contain two comics stories from the LOCKE & KEY stories, they seem to have been picked out precisely because they are unusual and not part of the main storyline of the series. With these two tales we also find two one-shots by Hill to fill out the “terror” and “tragedy” theme.The thing is, these comics are so beautifully drawn, colored, and presented in such large format that you forget to look out for the terrifying aspects right away.

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