Spotlight on the comiXology Submit Experience with W. Maxwell Prince

ComiXology Submit lauched on March 6, 2013, as a platform for independent comics creators to upload their comics, wait for approval, and if accepted, market their comics directly through ComiXology at a 50% profit share (minus mobile distributor fees and credit card fees before the split). To all accounts, it sounds like an amazing opportunity for the exponentially growing field of self-publication. The descriptions and FAQ answers on their website essentially confirm that it really is that easy a process, with only three steps. How does a comic get “accepted”, though? Based, the website says, on “professional content”, though they admit that’s an area they are working to define. The comic creator retains the rights to their works and can publish elsewhere in this “non-exclusive” agreement. The Submit program really caters to creators looking to avoid the complications of using a middle man as distributor in their flow-pattern for publication.  When I found a new creator who was launching a comic through Submit this week, I thought I’d hear from him what his experience was like from start to finish, and W. Maxwell Prince kindly supplied me with a narrative time-line for his new work THE PURSUIT OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS, drawn by Thomas Kovach and lettered by Jason Arthur.


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