Nice art: Jaime Hernandez cover for Archie #4


I’m not sure if Jaime Hernandez has ever drawn the Archie characters “for reals” before, but it’s a very well known fact that Archie artist Harry Lucey was a HUGE influence on both Hernandez Brothers. So call this full circle as Jaime does a variant cover for the fourth issue of the revamped/real world Archie title by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. Can you say…oh yes yes yes.


The Best Jaime Hernandez comic of all time?

At The Factual Opinion, Tucker Stone and Michel Fiffe ponder whether LOVE AND ROCKETS #3 might just be the best comic by Jaime of all time. In which case it would be one of the greatest COMICS of all time.


Jaime Hernandez’ cover for STRANGE TALES #2

As the last fitful days of summer slip away, this cover by Jaime Hernandez for the second issue of Marvel’s indie anthology, STRANGE TALES, will take you to that happy place where there is eternal sunshine and jollity.