Gift Guide: Marvel Phase Two DVD collection with custom art by Matt Ferguson


Since we’re all giddy over the Marvel Cinematic Universe today, the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Phase Two boxed set drops on Tuesday, December 8, with all new bonus content, film replicas and more. And each film has a new custom disc sleeve from artist Matt Ferguson. Before you get to the art here’s whats $199 buys you:

IRON MAN HOUR: Hannah Meets The Mechanic in Iron Man 3


The first Iron Man movie landed like a bomb blast in my personal pop culture universe, making me believe that superhero films could find their own voice while forming a dialogue with comics. Strict adaptations hadn’t been that great in the past and there needed to be another approach, one that had a deeper understanding […]

Iron Man 3 boffo at box office, but RDJ playing it cool with contract


Iron Man 3 weighed in with the second biggest movie opening of all times, but since it was right behind The Avengers, you could say it was all in the family still. The third movie staring Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark opened with $175.3 million for the weekend (the Avengers did $207.4 mil) and has already raced to $680.1 million globally. That is a lot of cheddar.

On the Scene: Pros Wrestle with Tony Stark’s Appeal in ‘Iron Man at 50’ Event


The fact that both the Iron Man character and the Avengers team has reached their 50th anniversary since creation hasn’t received a lot of attention in the press, and this could be because the immense success of the IRON MAN and AVENGERS films means that the powers that be don’t particularly want the public to […]

Matt Fraction Says Iron Man 3 is as Big as The Avengers!


Matt Fraction skyped in to celebrate Iron Man’s 50th anniversary at a Comic Book Round Table event held at John Ordover’s Soho Gallery for Digital Art in New York on Wednesday night, and provided some heartfelt insights into the way in which the armored playboy has drastically changed Fraction’s own life. Along the way, he […]

Studio Coffee Run: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver confirmed, Iron Man 3, Secret Service, Annie etc.


Iron Man is smashing records and breaking hearts, and it hasn’t even hit the States. Grab your fleece snuggie, oversized soda container, popcorn jug, and get ready for your super hero movie news fix for the week. The Iron Man franchise has generated $195.3M worldwide, knocking down Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix […]