INTERVIEW: RED PANDA Creator Gregg Taylor’s Motion Comics are Your New Saturday Morning Cartoons


by Alex Dueben For more than a decade, Gregg Taylor has been the writer, director and one of the voices behind Decoder Ring Theatre. He’s collaborated with other writers including Chris Schweizer with whom he made six all new Crogan Adventures stories, he’s made a mystery series Blackjack Justice, but he’s primarily been telling the […]

Alan Moore’s Secret Q&A Cult Exposed! Part IV: At Last the Truth Can Be Told!!!!!

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I had intended to post up the Q&A exchanges involved in this, a few at a time, over the summer months, but inevitably time got the better of me, so I’m posting all of the rest of them in one go, although that’s going to be one very long – 12,000 plus words – read. […]

INTERVIEW: Trina Robbins opens up about DOPE and her lost Wonder Woman Tales


by Alex Dueben Trina Robbins is known for many things over the course of her long career in comics. She was one of the “founding mommies” of the influential anthology Wimmen’s Comix, wrote a number of important nonfiction books about the history of comics, and edited books collecting the work of many influential cartoonists. She’s […]