Happy International Darkstar Day 2013!


Darkstar Day is here again! Once a year we gather to celebrate this character, first created long back in the 1970s by Tony Isabella and George Tuska, and which has weaved in and out of Marvel’s comics irregularly for the last thirty-odd years. Laynia Petrovna may not be the most well known character Marvel ever […]

There’s One Week until International Darkstar Day 2013!


The Beat is a notable website, a place where smart people gather and talk about book sales and publishing and all the parts of the industry nobody else quite reaches to. All sorts of academics, lawyers, screenwriters and journalists have written here – but, also, I write here too! And I balance out all that […]

It’s International Darkstar Day!!

Back Camera

The big day is finally here! Ladies and gentlemen of The Beat, gather your young ones and race onto the street. Proclaim for all to hear, TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL DARKSTAR DAY, AND I FEEL GREAT!!!!

One Week Until International Darkstar Day 2012!


You know how The Beat works now. While everybody else works hard on getting the best interviews, writing the strongest articles and the most incisive opinion pieces you could find, I run around in circles and yell excitedly about obscure D-List Marvel heroines. Which brings us to the imminent arrival of 2012’s International Darkstar Day! A […]