Getting Into Inking with Mark Morales [Interview]

Mark Morales is a comic book superstar. Having worked on many of the best-selling Marvel titles of the last few years, he’s worked as an inker alongside artists like Olivier Coipel, Jim Cheung, and Leinil Yu on comics like Infinity, Avengers Vs X-Men, Children’s Crusade, Fear Itself… if Marvel have a big storyline they want to sell? They bring it to Mark Morales.

And inking is a part of comics which isn’t discussed as much as it should, not at all. So when I had the chance to meet Mark – briefly, he was massively busy – at NYCC last year, I asked if he’d be interested in an interview. He very kindly agreed, and so ahead of the release of his latest project – the Wolverine relaunch from writer Paul Cornell and artist Ryan Stegman – he spoke about how he got into comics, inking as a career, and even offers advice for anyone looking to get into inking themselves.

On top of all that, he also shared some of his inking from various projects – including a look at his work for Wolverine #1, which is out today.

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