The Marvel Rundown: Marvel’s best new book will take you by surprise


Marvel characters are becoming more relevant everyday. Since the Guardians of the Galaxy characters became a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one question has been littering the minds of long time Thanos fans: where the hell is Adam Warlock? With the release of The Infinity Entity #1, we get our answer. Not only that, we also get the launch of […]

Marvel’s What If? Infinity Has an Infinite Number of Great Creators


Hey you, that’s right…you! Have you not heard all the Marvel announcements coming out of San Diego? Did you even hear that a female Blade comic was announced? Do you have time to take all of this crazy Marvel information and jam it into your poor unassuming brain? Marvel is continuing to roll out new comics with the […]

Events Done Right in Writer Jonathan Hickman and Company’s Infinity 6 [Review]


By Jeffrey O. Gustafson Damn Events. Maybe it’s just a marketing term, but as I noted above, it’s a matter of scale. I’m sick of the term, and a little tired of the Events themselves, but Infinity is an Event by marketing and by definition. Going back to the cycle events that started in the […]

Marvel Tell Us More About Infinity


I’m not talking about the constantly-developing fifteen-page theoretical shadow-physics equation Jonathan Hickman emails every member of the comics press once weekly – this is the Infinity storyline which will start on Free Comic Book Day for Marvel. A story returning Thanos as a mainstay villain in the Marvel Universe, Infinity has been outlined a little more […]