High Society negatives go up in flames


Very sad news. Even as a recent Kickstarter campaign had raised money for a new digital edition of Dave Sim’s seminal “High Society” storyline in CEREBUS, in a horrible stroke of irony, all of those negatives and all the digital scans made from them have gone up in flames, as the home of Sandeep Atwal burned to the ground. Sim updated the situation on the Moment of Cerebus page:

Koyama Press debuts three for fall: Wertz, DeForge and Team Society League


And back in the real world. Toronto-based indie publisher Koyama Press has announced three fall releases from Julia Wertz, Michael DeForge and the Team Society League collective. Details below:

CAKE report round-up: People like CAKE


This past weekend’s CAKE show in Chicago was important for a few reasons, but mostly because CHicago has a rich vibrant indie/mainstream comics scene, and having an event to take advantage of it is a boon to the entire Midwest. The show had a stellar guest list, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting word on how it did.

So, from reading a few reports the word seems to be: great show, so-so sales but awesome atmosphere.