New INVINCIBLE teaser pokes fun at CIVIL WAR II


Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman‘s other long-running series Invincible is no stranger to adverse headlines. The series original artist Cory Walker (Destroyer) is coming back to the ongoing narrative with issue #127 in April. The brand new teaser shows off the coloring scheme and image teasers coming from the Civil War II posters from Marvel […]

Spawn wants you to stay inside the lines with new adult coloring book


The adult coloring book craze has been a godsend to the publishing industry, with massive sales and attention. And comics publishers are picking up on it. Image Comics has joined the fray with a Walking Dead coloring book and now a Spawn coloring book, which comes out on April 19th. I’m told that coloring is relaxing and helps adults unwind after stressful days of looking at pixels and Buzzfeed for hours.

And surely nothing could be more relaxing than filling the work of Todd McFarlane with pleasing and harmonious hues.

ComicsPRO 2016: Eric Stephenson says “Stop acting like interchangeable brand managers and create.”


[The following is a transcript of the speech given by Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics, on Friday, February 19th at 3:50 p.m. at the 10th Annual ComicsPRO Membership Meeting in Portland, Oregon to the comics retailer community.] I’d like to talk about the future, but first, we’re going to do some time travel, back […]

Image Comics Partners with PREVIEWS to Announce IMAGE+ Magazine


Talk about some stunning Friday night news! At ComicsPRO tonight, Image Comics announced that they would be partnering up with Diamond to launch Image+, a monthly magazine that will ship with the long running PREVIEWS catalog. Clocking in at 64 pages each month, each of the first 12 issues of the magazine will feature four […]

The latest Eric Stephenson tells-it-like-it-is interview pokes “dull, “bland” industry


Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson is always quotable and evidently not afraid of being quoted, as he often tweaks other publishers in a blunt way little seen in the industry. In a new interview with CBR’s Albert Ching he talks about Image Comics’ successful 2015 while calling other developments “dull.”: Stephenson notes that Image had […]

Are we seeing the twilight of the “Big Two”?


We’ve been keeping an eye on threats of eroding comics sales that may spell trouble ahead for the comics industry, and it isn’t just Brian Hibbs any more. Big Bang Comics in Dublin, Ireland went on a tweet-storm yesterday criticizing not only DC’s anemic relaunch but Marvel’s increasingly tepid flood of titles no one is […]