The Marvel Rundown: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s…WHO?


He’s the character that we might not actually want or deserve, but he was a staple of Jonathan Hickman’s (Avengers) lineup, that’s right…Hyperion now has his own title. Writer James Robinson (Justice League) has already given the character interesting and dramatic material in the pages of Squadron Supreme, with so many solo titles in All-New, All-Different Marvel each of these […]

Preview: Will Hyperion be Marvel’s next star?


Of late, Marvel’s Hyperion character has been getting a wee bit of a push. There were several Hyperion toys at Toy Fair and now an all new all different Hyperion #1. Hyperion started as the “superman” in the JLA analog The Squadron Supreme, and he’s had many realities, many versions and now he’s got a […]

Marvel Marvels: Introducing HYPERION, NIGHTHAWK and X-MAN Series


Marvel announced a ton of books this morning. The rumored second Iron Man ongoing just wasn’t enough for the publisher it seems — they also included a new take on the Punisher and ongoings for three obscure heroes; Hyperion, Nighthawk and an X-Man?   First up, the publisher debuted a solo ongoing series for Hyperion, a character that […]

Marvel/Hyperion Announce YA Novels Based on Rogue, She-Hulk


A curious but interesting move today, as Marvel and Hyperion have just announced that they will be releasing a series of YA novels this year based on some of Marvel’s most prominent female heroes. So far Rogue and She-Hulk books have been announced, to the delight of Dan Slott.