Brad Meltzer offers speculation on Flight 370’s dissappearance on CNN


Well, we are getting down to a) the bare bones of emerging facts and b) the huge, blossoming never ending until they find the black box* range of speculation over what the hell actually happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. And here is Brad Meltzer, occasional comics writer and host of History Channel’s Decoded to […]

HYPE ALERT: Baltimore Comic-Con, Seth Goldman and Honest Tea


First off, Baltimore Comic-Con is THIS WEEKEND. This is one of the most beloved events on the comics circuit and guests include: Joe Hill, Neal Adams, Josh Adams, Ed McGuinness, David Finch, Ivan Reis, Brian Bolland, Stan Sakai, Cliff Chiang, Amanda Conner, JG Jones, Ryan Ottley, Jim Starlin, Mark Buckingham, George Perez, Frank Cho, Mike […]

HYPE ALERT: Free Honest Tea at Crown Publishing for Mission in a Bottle


Disclosure: from time to time I take on outside consulting projects, and I’m currently working with the creators of the new graphic novel Mission in a Bottle to do some marketing for them in the comics world. However, I felt the prospect of getting a free bottle of tea for faithful Beat readers was a […]

Comics come to Fox & Friends with Joe Palooka


Apocalypse now? Boxing announcer/comics publisher Joe Antonacci will be appearing this Friday on Fox & Friends to talk about the Joe Palooka comic which is launching this week from IDW. (Disclosure: We were a consultant on the project.) Hopefully, this will be a peaceful discussion of how awesome comics are and not a session on […]

This Weekend: Asbury Park Comic Con II


Comic cons are springing up like umbrella stands in the rain everywhere around the US — even in small places like Asbury Park. This Saturday the second Asbury Park Comic Con kicks off at the historic Asbury Lanes bar and bowling alley and punk rock venue. The first show in April was a cozy old […]

Another Crossover: "Throne of Atlantis" is in Justice League AND Aquaman

By Todd Allen While I’m not sure this news is big enough to warrant having been sent out in what I expect will end up being at least three pieces, DC has issued yet another release regarding the new Justice League “Throne of Atlantis” arc.

HYPE: Joe Palooka goes to IDW

This is firmly under the HYPE banner since I was a publishing consultant for this project, but Ham Fisher’s venerable boxing-themed comic strip character has been updated to an MMA-fighter for IDW’s Joe Palooka, the brain storm of boxing announcer Joe Antonacci, along with Mike Bullock, Fernando Peniche and Matt Triano. In the story, Joe Palooka is a discredited MMA fighter who travels the world desperately trying to clear his name while fighting to earn a spot in the legendary “Legion of Combat,” worldwide fight series.

HYPE: ICv2 announces Conference on Comics and Digital II for NYCC

Pop culture business news site ICv2 has announced the ICv2 Conference on Comics and Digital II to be held in conjunction with this year’s New York Comic-Con. It will be held on WEDNESDAY, October 10th,1:00 to 5:00 p.m. — in previous years it was held on the Thursday prior to the Con but NYCC is essentially a 4 day show now.

As in previous years, The Beat is a sponsor of this event. Here’s the line-up of panels, with speakers to be announce. All of them sound extremely interesting.

Penny Arcade and Cryptozoic team for The Lookouts spin-off

Famed webcomic Penny Arcade and Cryptozoic are putting out their first periodical comic in the shape of THE LOOKOUTS, a six-issue miniseries by writer Ben McCool and artist Robb Mommaerts. Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik provides some alternative art such as that seen below. The comic will be available digitally starting next week and in print August 29th.

HeroesCon — where I'll be

This weekend it’s the 30th annual HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC. Wow 30 years! Not too many shows have that kind of heritage, but Shelton Drum’s show has now settled down into the so-much-fun I-can’t-wait-to-see-everyone good time con experience. We’ll be quite busy with THREE panels as follows:

Dynamite Has Their Own "Before Watchmen" Event — DC Didn't Buy _All_ The Charlton Characters

By Todd Allen

–I learned something new today. Remember how Watchmen started out as a treatment for the Charlton characters DC had purchased? Come to find out out, DC didn’t purchase the rights to all the Charlton characters and Dynamite now has the rights to Peter Cannon/Thunderbolt. As in, the prototype for Watchmen’s Ozymandias.

Read WORLD WAR HACK free for 24 hours

You may have seen the ad here on The Beat, but just to explain what’s going on, Viper Comics has made WORLD WAR HACK free to read via iTunes for 24 hours only.

PW Comics World covers Clowes, Pekar, Wildcat, and MORE

We really don’t link to our comics coverage over at PW Comics World as much as we should, so we are here to remedy that, especially when an issue as jammed as this month’s comes out. Some highlights:

Commentary: The Comedy of "Before Watchmen" Hype

Oh, we all knew the Watchmen sequel was coming. The art leaked and DC’s lawyers went wild — unusual enough to know something was close to an announcement. Then the last round of announced reprint books included The Art of Amanda Conner (some of her art was in that leaked batch) and a HC reprint of Dave Gibbons’ Green Lantern work (more on that in bit) made it clear an announcement was imminent. What do we get with the actual announcement? Comedy. And more comedy from the PR than from the reactions, if you ask me.

Official: Garth Ennis Relaunches The Shadow at Dynamite

The rumor that’s been making the rounds is true: Garth Ennis is the writer when Dynamite launches their ongoing revival of the classic pulp franchise, The Shadow. Joining him as the artist is Aaron Campbell, who’s been doing Green Hornet: Year One and Dark Shadows for Dynamite.

Need a font?

In case you haven’t noticed their fantastically stylish ads running in the sidebar. Comicraft is wrapping up their New Year’s Day font sale right about now — hurry over and pick up some serifs to keep your comics looking classy.