Pages, Sunny Singh and The Kickstarter Underdog: How I plan to fund my first comic


Who am I? Nobody important. Well, as far as the Independent Comic Book scene is concerned. Go ahead. Google Sunny Singh. You won’t see a thing about Comics. Maybe some banging Punjabi music. But that’s as far as your search for me goes.

How to: A case study for a first-time Kickstarter, Part 1


Sitting in on the Kickstarter panel at the New York Comic Con, I found myself sharing many of the questions that were posed to the Benign Kingdom Creators, a Kickstarter team that raised well over $100,000 with their campaign: How can I create such a successful campaign? How do I build an audience that large?

How to: PR with Nathalie Atkinson

This piece byNathalie Atkinson on proper PR behavior has been widely quoted. Working for a widely read consumer publication — The National Post of Toronto — Atkinson definitely gets more annoying followup than the average comics journo, but her suggestions stand — basically, don’t be a jerk. And don’t send images in CMYK or pdf […]