MATT CHATS: Jeremy Holt on Bringing Time Traveling Grunge to Heavy Metal with ’Skipped to the End’


Jeremy Holt is the perfect example of a grinder. Over the years, he’s forged connections and written good comics to write for Challenger Comics (the under appreciated home of great indy comics), Monkeybrain (the digital-first and quality-driven publisher) and now the new Heavy Metal comics imprint. I interviewed him about the “music as time travel” […]

Heavy Metal to Serialize Pepe Moreno’s GENE KONG in English for the First TIme


In the 1990, cartoonist Pepe Moreno created Batman: Digital Justice, one of the first comics to be produced solely through digital programs.  Prior to this, he also worked closely with the comics magazine and publisher Heavy Metal throughout the 1980s and then made the transition into video games, designing Hell Cab and a number of successful Beachhead titles.  In the midst of all […]

Grant Morrison Named Editor of Heavy Metal


Crazy comics mastermind Grant Morrison is at it again.  Now that he’s finished his run on DC’s Multiversity, Morrison is turning his sights away from tights and will now focus his attention on Heavy Metal, the bimontly comics zine that introduced cartoonists like Moebius and H.R. Giger to the American scene.  Beginning in February 2016, he will serve as […]

Heavy Metal locating its comics in Portland


Since relaunching early last year, the new Heavy Metal has been relatively quiet, relaunching Hoax Hunters under their banner and pursuing their multi media plans mostly behind the scenes. However, a recent appearance at Wizard World Portland has revealed plans for locating the comics operations of the company in Portland, OR where they’ll pursue a model that takes advantage of their well known branding:

Heavy Metal magazine sold, to relaunch as bigger brand


Heavy Metal Magazine has been sold for several million dollars to music industry vet David Boxembaum and producer Jeff Krelitz, Variety reports. The duo will relaunch the magazine as a digital quarterly and revive the brand as an umbrella for film,TV and music projects. Heavy Metal magazine started in the trippy seventies as a US […]