Frank Cho and Jenny Frison get new variant cover assignments on Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman


A month or so ago, Frank Cho announced he was leaving Wonder Woman as variant cover artist due to editorial disagreements with writer Greg Rucka. I’m told Cho was hired to do the variants when Marguerite Bennett was supposed to be writing the book. But when Rucka came back to DC for the project, he […]



Is April Fool’s Day to be renamed Harley Quinn Day? Maybe after the HARLEY QUINN AND THE SUICIDE SQUAD APRIL FOOL’S SPECIAL #1 comes out on April 6th, The cover by Jim Lee is being unveiled today at ComicsPRO. The interiors are by writer Rob Williams with art by Lee, Scott Williams and Sean “Cheeks” Galloway. […]

DC Announces Additional Harley Quinn Mini: HARLEY QUINN AND HER GANG OF HARLEYS


What’s that? It’s the sound of DC getting ready to publish another comic book featuring Harley Quinn. This new comic is a mini-series with writing duties from Frank Tieri (Catwoman) and Jimmy Palmiotti (mastermind of the main Harley Quinn comic book.) The interior art is drawn by Mauricet (a Belgian artist known for The Crossovers) […]

Podcorn Podcast V4.15 — The Hidden Meanings Behind DC’s New Double Shipping Initiative


Every Wednesday, I talk about comics with Brandon Montclare, writer of the hit Image series Rocket Girl and co-writer of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series. We gab about what we’re reading now, what books we consider classics (Brandon loves Dark Knight Strikes Again…), and the hottest gossip of the industry.  Occasionally, the inimitable artist Amy Reeder (Rocket Girl, Batwoman) stops by.  Check out our full […]

31 days of Halloween: Immortan Joe and War Boy makeup tutorials — PLUS this year’s top costumes


This is one of those links that is to promote a website — in this case Wholesale Halloween Costumes — but the tutorials are cool enough to deserve a link. We all know Mad Max will be a big Halloween and cosplay favorite this year, and here’;s who to make yourself a War Boy or Immortan Joe — I guess to be a Sexy Furiosa all you need is some black eyeliner. The Joe costume is especially clever …”you won’t believe how they made his teeth!” I’m a total loser when it comes to crafting costumes — I like dressing up but fabricating is far beyond my ken or skills, so I’m always impressed with anyone who can figure this stuff out.