The Dandy Returns!

The Numskulls by Jamie Smart

by Laura Sneddon The Dandy, a UK comic for children, is one of the oldest comics in the world, first appearing way back in 1937. Along with its sister publication at DC Thomson, The Beano, these comics are pretty much the main reason why the entire population of Britain knows how to read a comic, […]

Farewell to The Dandy

By Steve Morris Just like every delicious Cow Pie you’ve ever had the pleasure to eat, The Dandy is now reaching an end. One of Britain’s longest-running publications, the comic was released regularly for the past 75 years, coming out almost every week during that time. For context, only two other comics pre-date it, one of […]

Grant Morrison, MBE

On today’s list of Birthday Honours, writer Grant Morrison has been awarded an MBE for his services to Batman.