24 Hours of International Comics: Germany


[When visiting the German-language sites below, I suggest using Google Chrome, or another web browser which allows for easy translation of German.  And if you read only one thing from this post, it should be this.] Guten Tag! Germany… it’s a bit of a conundrum in Continental comics. Smack dab in the middle of Europe, […]

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012: Cosplay


So there are numerous comics fans wandering the Frankfurt Book Fair.  There are lots of manga fans, perhaps more than would be found at an American comic con, as European fandom was never as superhero-centric as that in the United States.  So why not add some cosplay to the fun? With the growing popularity of […]

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012: Die Pflichtlektüre

Wilhelm Busch self portrait

(Die Pflichtlektüre translates to “required reading” in German.  Most of the following links are auf Deutsch, so either use a translation program (Google Chrome does it automatically), or find a friend to help you.) In English: The Goethe Institute has a great website for German comics!  (Also includes links to various sites and publishers.) [Anyone […]

Comic Action 2012: Germany’s Gen-Con + Comics

comic action

While searching German comics publishers, I discovered a German comic con happening one week after the Frankfurt Book Fair:  Comic Action 2012. http://www.comicaction.de/php/index.php?action=ausstellerinfo Here are the bullet points: Running since 1999 Part of SPIEL, a massive games show (halls 4-12 in Essen, 8+9 for comics) 152,000 visitors, 763 exhibitors from 31 nations showing their products […]

German Comics: Internationaler Comics Salon Erlangen 2012

Angoulême. San Diego. Tokyo. Barcelona. New York. Erlangen? A comics show… in Germany? In a small city most people haven’t heard of? Held every other year since 1984? It can’t be worthy of a post, can it? Ah… read on and discover!

German Comics: Max und Moritz Preis 2012

Every two years, the Max und Moritz Preis Gala takes place at the International Comics Salon in Erlangen, Germany. Who won? Who was nominated? And what was Marc-Oliver Frisch’s involvement?