Entertainment Round-Up: Justice League: Mortal concept art, Spider-Man finalists test in Atlanta, Mastodon appears on Game of Thrones


A quick round-up of a few Entertainment headlines that appeared over the weekend


George Miller’s Justice League gets a “why didn’t this get made?” documentary

miller justice league

George Miller‘s Mad Max: Fury Road has been a nice moderate hit, accumulating 95 million over the past 11 days, with word of mouth continuing to be strong and rightfully so. One of the big social discussion points I’ve seen floating around since its release are articles with titles like: “We could have had a […]


Review: Mad Max: Fury Road is the feminist blockbuster we need right now

Doof Warrior

George Miller makes a triumphant return to his seminal franchise


You now have three reasons to see Mad Max: Fury Road


In which we ponder some of the exciting developments surrounding the upcoming Miller opus