Gabrielle Bell Art Sale!


Gabrielle Bell is having an art sale on most of the July Diary that makes up jher book Truth is Fragmentary. Pages are a reasonable $100, shipping included. Bell is having the sale as a fundraiser, and while it’s neat to be able to get original art by a great cartoonist for next to nothing, it’s also telling that a cartoonist of Bell’s stature still has to sell art to makes ends meet. NYC, you’re bumming me out in a supreme fashion.

Bell also posted a new comic visible in the link.

To do tonight: Brooklyn Comes to Morningside Heights

It’s been a busy, busy few weeks of comics events in the NYC area, and here’s one more: the final event for the year in Columbia’s graphic novel program.

WonderCon, CCS, etc., etc.

• I regret to inform the dozens of people who were looking forward to my being there, that I won’t be at WonderCon after all. Some travel stuff and other factors made it unfeasible. I’m sad I won’t be seeing everyone, but not as sad that I won’t be complaining about the line at Starbucks every morning.

For those who are going, please take notes!

• I will be at the Center for Cartoon Studies for THE FIRST TIME EVER this Thursday for Industry Day, if all goes well.


• Beside CCS, I am going to the dentist today, because I have a “situation” which is teetering on the edge of something…bad. So of course I read this.

The exciting news in all this is that Gabrielle Bell has a Tumblr now!

To Do Tonight: Gabrielle Bell at Skylight Books in LA

2012 Ignatz Award nominee for Outstanding Online Comic, Gabrielle Bell, is reading from her new collection, Voyeurs (Uncivilized Books) tonight at LA’s Skylight Books. The reading will be followed by a discussion and signing. Come on down, people, this is gonna be a good one. Here’s the info:

When: Tonight, Friday, October 5, 7:30 PM

Where: Skylight Books, 1818 North Vermont Ave, LA, CA 90027

If you can’t make it, here’s a link to by the book directly from Uncivilized Books. While you’re there, take a look around for other great titles by the likes of cartoonists Jon Lewis and Uncivilized’s CEO, Tom Kaczynski.


Gabrielle Bell announces a new book: VOYEUR


The marvelous Gabrielle Bell has just announced her new book, VOYEUR, to be published by Uncivilized Books later this year. She announced it in comics form so here’s the money panel:
The book will be in full color and sport an intro by Aaron Cometbus.

Bell’s wistful, wry observations on observing life have been getting better and better. They are “literary comics” in the truest sense.

Gabrielle Bell's Comicumentary ends

The definitive account of SD10, just as great as it began. Can’t wait for the Uncivilized Books version of this epic of epicness.