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Doctor Who wrap up: BBC renews, Titan previews 3-Doctor FCBD issue and Texas celebrates “Dr. Who Day”

Geronimo and Allons-y! The Huston brothers dressed as their favorite Doctors: Travis, age 9, dressed as Eleven and Tom, age 12, went as Ten.

Doctor Who to remain on-air until 2020 according to Moffat and BBC, Denton, TX celebrates “Dr. Who Day” and Titan releases preview pages of their three new Doctor stories for Free Comic Book Day.

Mark Hamill promotes Free Comic Book Day in a video


Every few years Diamond lines up a celebrity spokesperson for Free Comic Book Day and this year its Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, who is an admitted “lifelong comic book fan.” I found this one persuasive than the first one I can remember, a sun bleared Hugh Jackman.

The Free Comic Book Day Silver Titles are Pretty Awesome

By: Alexander Jones After revealing the first wave of Free Comic Book Day titles, it was only a matter of time before the rest of them started to pop up. This next batch is very exciting, and full of fun offerings from all your favorite publishers with the big guns like Marvel and DC, along […]

Free Comic Book Day Promotes ‘Alien’ Metal Dildo Doubling as a Bottle Opener


I think the money makers at Diamond Select Toys are secretly testing the market for an upcoming adult toy line. The Free Comic Book Day Facebook page posted a typical a nerd baiting question with no possible answer: who would win in fight between Spider-Man’s most popular nemesis Venom or the cult classic 80’s extraterrestrial nightmare Xenomorph? […]

Free Comic Book Day Events From Coast to Coast


Please note this is not a comprehensive listing of Free Comic Book Events –it’s just info that people sent me. To find an event near you, go here. But it is indicative of some of the amazing things happening tomorrow, from an Eastman/Laird joint appearance to just about every other creator under the sun. It won’t be boring. And the comics are awesome.

Free Comic Book Day: What’s Happening Near You?


On top of all those free comics you can get your filthy little unwashed mitts on tomorrow, comics creators will be swarming comic shops worldwide in order to sign, sketch, smile and hug their way through the entire comic book fandom on Earth. Also, you never know if Wolverine or The Punisher will show up. […]

Arizona Comic Mini Expo, Massive Guest List


May is shaping up to be a great month for comics fans in Arizona. This Saturday AZ retailers are holding various Free (to you) Comic Book Day signings and benefits for local charities, and promoting the highly anticipated Phoenix Comicon right around the corner.

4.6 million comics ordered for Free Comic Book Day


More free comics are being given away than ever before! Diamond has announced that 4.6 million free comics were ordered for this year’s Free Comic Book Day, to be held Saturday, May 4th. That’s up from 3,500,000 in 2012 and 2,700,000 in 2011.