Frankfurt Book Fair 2012: Comics Awards


Last weekend, The Frankfurt Book Fair showcased two German comics awards: The Deutscher Cartoon Preis (German Cartoon Prize), awarded since 2006 Sondermann Publikumspreis (Sondermann audience award), awarded since 2004 The German Cartoon Prize has two divisions: newcomer (Aufsteiger), and published (Buch). The newcomer award was presented to Stefan Wirkus, an entertainer, cartoonist, caricaturist, and emcee.  […]

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012: Cosplay


So there are numerous comics fans wandering the Frankfurt Book Fair.  There are lots of manga fans, perhaps more than would be found at an American comic con, as European fandom was never as superhero-centric as that in the United States.  So why not add some cosplay to the fun? With the growing popularity of […]

Frankfurter Buchmesse Comics Awards

While comics fans were celebrating comics and other delights at New York Comic Con, publishers and fans in Europe were congregating in Frankfurt, Germany, for the annual Frankfurter Buchmesse.  Held almost annually since Gutenberg invented movable type, this publishing trade show attracts some 286,000 visitors (both professional and public attendees), showcasing 7,000 exhibitors from 100 […]