Want to learn about comics? Santoro and Shutz are offering classes


A few of preemptive notes about starting some education classes in 2016, since many of you will be beginning a new course. § Frank Santoro’s online comics making course is starting up again in 2016. His course is $500 for eight weeks, but if you apply before cChristmas you get $100 off. A good deal. […]

Pittsburgh Zine Fair 2013 Recap

Photo 2 Maggie Negrete

Over the hills, through the rainbows, and inside a castle-like community center called The Union Project was the third annual Pittsburgh Zine Fair. This was a free, small-press event that featured over fifty vibrant artists and writers; many from the burgh and some from beyond. PGHZF Posters The timing of the fair was perfect. It […]