Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 sold 440,000 copies, fueling November comics turnaround


The numbers are in! And DKIII was a hit! According to ICv2, it sold 440,234 copies; I’ve seen the “half a million copies” number floating around, when you add in the deluxe edition I’m sure its up to that. Throw in the $5.99 price tag and you have a nice $2.637 million at retail added to booksellers coffers. (The actual number is less but you get the idea.) Marvel was no slouch either, with 384,969 copies of the $4.99 Star Wars: Vader Down #1 sold.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 12/10/15: What I hate about the internet


§ Zack Davisson, the late Shigeru Mizuki’s English language translator, has an obituary that gives the great man’s oeuvre more context: His influence on pop culture is so ubiquitous as to be invisible. His immensely popular Kitaro series introduced the world of entertainment to yokai and their realms of spirits, gods, and monsters. If you’ve […]

Frank Miller remains consistent, disowns Netflix Elektra


Frank Miller is the Donald Trump of comics, replacing Alan Moore who used to be the Donald Trump of comics in that every little utterance of his was fodder for headlines and web traffic. Miller’s been retired from public speaking for a while but the Dark Knight III promo process—and a series of appearances in foreign lands—has provided a fresh platform and ample ammo for SEO air strikes. But is this current comment any different from what Millar has said in the past?

Get your Dark Knight III signed at Midtown Comics, but dress warm


      The entire DKIII team of  Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, and Klaus Janson will be signing the book December 19th at Midtown Comics Downtown  from 4:00pm-6:00pm on Saturday, December 19th. But of course you’ll need to enter a contest to get in line and then dress appropriate for the season: Midtown Comics is […]

The Beat Podcasts! More to Come: iTunes – The Graphic Novel


Recorded live in New York, it’s More To Come, the weekly podcast of comics news, interviews and discussion with Calvin Reid, Kate Fitzsimons and The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald! This week, the More to Come Crew – Heidi “The Beat” MacDonald, Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons – discuss digital comics news from Archie, Hoopla, Google […]

Frank MIller plugs Peter Kuper, Ex-Lax and a crueler Batman in his Twitter chat


Frank Miller’s Twitter chat finished up a little bit ago and some how the tweets of the questions didn’t get linked to the answers…which gives the whole thing an even more surreal quality. Miller does give Brian Azzarello credit for the whole DKIII idea yet again, so this is obviously the line moving forward. The […]

Tomorrow Frank MIller tweets an AMA…who will survive?


DC has announced a “Tweet at Frank Miller” event for tomorrow, Friday November 20, from 10amPT/1pmET to 11amPT/2pmET. Using the hashtag #FrankMillerChat you can ask him about “the main story, the mini comics and probably the most often-asked question since the book’s announcement, “What’s up with that title?””

We’re not sure that is REALLY the most […]

Hillary Clinton supporter Frank Miller is speaking his mind about Dark Knight III…and IV???


With the release of Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 next week, Frank Miller is doing the rounds of promo, including interviews at Newsarama and Vulture. And they are chock full of shocking surprises. • Although at previous press events Miller was deferential to his DKIII co-writer Brian Azzarello, saying “He’s the one working […]

NYCC ’15: John Romita Jr. to illustrate Dark Knight Returns prequel one-shot

batman romita

With John Romita Jr. seemingly stepping away from the Superman title (Howard Porter is filling in per recent solicits) for another DC project, many had wondered what might be next for one of the publisher’s biggest acquisitions in recent years. During the NYCC “Heroes to the Core” panel, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio clarified Romita’s next […]

NYCC ’15: The Dark Knight 30th Anniversary w/ Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and more


For those who missed it on twitter, our intrepid leader Heidi MacDonald was on the ground at the anniversary panel for The Dark Knight, where The Dark Knight III: The Master Race was on everyone’s mind. The panel had a few surprises in store, including an appearance by Frank Miller himself. Here’s the rundown:   […]