Bookmark: The Business of Cartooning resource page


After yesterday’s bucket of cold water dumped over our heads by Jim Zub, we were toying with the idea of making a “resource page” with links to facts and figures on the industry but former Flash Gordon artist and current MCAD teacher Jim Keefe has done it for us! Keefe collects various pages and post on contracts, horror stories, rates and other things everyone should know. We recommend that young creators (and maybe some old ones as well) check out all the links.

“Keep them in the dark” — what some very bad publishers are really thinking

Late last night Twitter flared with anger over a post entitled How to hire an artist by a designer of Flash-based computer games. Although we usually don’t quote things so extensively, it seems that running enough of an excerpt to get the whole story is important here (plus is may be taken down). This is what the author, Christopher Gregorio, has to say about selecting an artist for a game project: