DC’s New 52 promo video with Lee and Morrison promises us NEW things

Seeing as how it was somehow unearthed by Bleeding Cool, there is no way of knowing where this video featuring all of DC’s major editorial players save Geoff John talking about the relaunch was created for. It’s definitely aimed at consumers, but the actual venue we may never know. Or it may never have been released.

The video shows Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Eddie Berganza, Bob Harras, and special guest star Grant Morrison each uttering the word “new” about 30 times each. Our impressions is that they want us to know that this is a NEW initiative and a NEW way of doing things. It’s NEW.

Only one more day for the marriage of Clark and Lois?

Will DC’s retconning/realignment/simplification/post-Crisis world include a married Superman and Lois? Comments co-publisher Dan DiDio made to NBC’s nerd new blogs seem to indicate Lois and Clark may be facing a moment in time when they are single once more:

Harras and Berganza talk about DC’s September

DC’s Editor in Chief Bob Harras and executive editor Eddie Berganza explain what’s going on and invite you to what they hope will be a big party where everyone is welcome.

VIDEO: Grant Morrison talks Superman

DC has released the video of Grant Morrison from the Hero Complex Film Festival talking about Superman. Since Morrison has already reinvented Superman once with ALL-STAR, this is familiar but welcome territory.

Morrison and Morales get some Action

The final pieces of the DC relaunch are revealed over at Hero Complex, and #52 is revealed as the Grant Morrison/Rags Morales ACTION COMICS #1. A whole new backstory for Superman is teased — probably to be spelled out at tomorrow’s Jim Lee/Geoff Johns event for the LA Times. Dan DiDio also gives a new big picture statement.

Must Read #2: Brian Hibbs on what Flashboot means to retailers

Brian Hibbs expands on his last, somewhat alarming column, with a look at more of the realities he sees in light of the DC #1 relaunch.

Life after Flashboot

In case you were wondering, there WILL be other DC books besides The 52 in our future. For instance, ,
frequent Grant Morrison collaborator Frazer Irving, tweeted:

Morrison's Batman returns next year with Burnham and Batman: Leviathan

As all of DC’s Batnews has been rolling out today, the biggest question has been “Whither Grant Morrison?”

DC announces digital pricing strategy: "Price parity"

Good news! Turns out DC isn’t trying to destroy the direct sales market with their “Flashboot” — or whatever it’s called — relaunch after all! And it is a relaunch, not a reboot, according to a letter sent by SVP of Sales Bob Wayne to retailers, announcing a pricing strategy that will see digital comics at the SAME price as print comics for their first four weeks of release. Wayne calls this “price parity” — “ No DC digital comic will be cheaper than its physical counterpart at launch.” The Johns/Lee JLA #1 will be available with a digital download for $4.99, in print and digital only for $3.99 each.

DC announces first 10 new books: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Mister Terrific, etc.

The Source break loose and reveals ten new books and creative teams. And notably, it’s basically the same sort of teams we’ve been seeing for quite a while, but mostly much respected creators.

Surely the most Tumbl’rd comic will be a NEW character book featuring a character who is non-white: MISTER TERRIFIC, by Eric Wallace and Roger Robinson. .

JMS: "Reboot was DiDio's dream"

On his Facebook page, JMS praises DC’s plan to relaunch its superhero line and gives a hint of the backstory.