Your New DC FAQ

It was a busy day for DC Entertainment’s new executive team, and they were made available to many press outlets. Although a few key themes emerged (digital, digital, digital) various questions were asked in various places. Here are, perhaps some of the ones on everyone’s mind. So now, how is this all going to work? […]

The Fiffe Files: Mark Badger, Part 3

By MICHEL FIFFE for The Beat Previously in part 1 and part 2, Badger spoke of his breaking into comics, his approach to character icons, and his collaborations. In this final installment, he catches us up on the Instant Piano anthology series, being an activist, digital drawing, unionizing artists, and prioritizing the cartooning lifestyle. Michel […]

So what’s going on at DC Entertainment, anyway?

If there’s one topic occupying the water coolers and drink-ups of the comics industry these days, it’s “Just what the heck is going on at DC ComicsEntertainment? Where is the new publisher?” After investigating and talking to our most trusted sources, we’ve been able to come up with a fairly definitive answer: NOBODY KNOWS. Or […]

Jeff Robinov, the front stabber

The New York Times profiles president of production at Warners, Jeff Robinov, painting him as the heir apparent to Alan Horn as he finds new ways to do business at the studio. The piece looks at his recent takeover of DC’s operations: Driven by its need to replace Harry Potter, not to mention the continued […]