Free Comic Book Day 2014 news wrap-up


It was the international comic book holiday on Saturday, and based on reports we’ve heard, many individual stores had their best days ever—some drawing over 1000 people—and fans for lots of comics. And there was a ton of press, too, from just about everywhere, as the links below reveal. Congrats once again to Joe Field for coming up with one of the best ideas for promoting comics ever.

FCBD 2014: Read It or Leave It? Part One


Yes, there are 60 comics being offered this Saturday!  (Collect them all!)  Some of them are from well-known publishers and characters, others are a bit obscure. Since most stores limit how many comics you can grab, I’ve compiled a list in three parts, with simple reviews.  Here’s the first, featuring the Gold sponsors, which are […]

FCBD 2014: What to Grab!

fcbd14 disney

You’ve been standing in line, wishing you had something to read! You’ve finally reached the comics Santa and are flabbergasted at the cornucopia of comics being offered for FREE! Listen little boy, we have A LOT of people waiting here, so GET GOING! What do you say? Which do you pick? How do you keep […]

Cover Parade: Diamond Gold Sponsor Books for 2014 Free Comic Book Day


It’s a rite of Spring. Every May people race to the comics shop for the annual comic book holiday—Free Comics Book Day. In 2014, the free comcis are set loose on Saturday, May 3rd, and Diamond has just released information on the Gold Level Sponsor books, including the debut of DC’s Futures Past, and a […]