Yes, the X-Men are a part of CIVIL WAR II


Despite rumors of Marvel pushing the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters off to the side, both sets of heroes are still surprisingly connected within the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe. Beast and Johnny Storm grace the pages of Uncanny Inhumans, Ben Grimm is in the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy (along with X-Men Kitty Pride serving as […]

Are Fox and Marvel finally striking some deals? Rumors abound!


Yesterday, it was announced that Fox, who holds the film rights for the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, struck an agreement with Marvel in order to pursue their long held goal of putting another X-Men television series back on the screen. The last time this occurred in live action, it gave us such works of […]

Weekend Wrap Up: “Omega Men” No Longer Cancelled, X-Men Facing a Slow Death, and More

Omega Men #1

This weekend turned out to be a very busy one for comics news.  As our chief steward, Heidi MacDonald, takes a well deserved rest this morning following the conclusion of Small Press Expo, let’s take a look at some of the big breaking stories from the last few days. Omega Men Lives When we broke […]

Trank Sank: Fantastic Four blame flies after poor box office showing


About the one element not being blamed for the Fantastic Four’s meagre $26.2M opening is superhero box office fatigue. The film opened at #2, and was the worst “opening frame” for a superhero film since Green Lantern. And the finger of the blame game is being posted squarely at director Josh Trank, with the Wrap […]

Josh Trank implies that you can blame the studio for Fantastic Four


  Fantastic Four opens today (technically last night), and the reception that’s greeted the film has been venomous. I didn’t like it either, but I don’t think it’s “9% on Rotten Tomatoes bad”. After seeing the film a week ago, the question that immediately sprung to my mind was: how much of this film represented director […]

The strange history of the Fantastic Four movie franchise


This weekend’s new superhero movie is Fantastic Four, not to be confused with Fantastic Four or Fantastic Four Or even The Fantastic Four The 1978 cartoon version famously substituted a robot named H.E.R.B.I.E for the Human Torch. Although the reason given for years was that networkexecs children would set themselves alight during play, given everything […]

Review: Fantastic Four, a case of botched vision colliding with studio demands


In the current mold of superhero film-making, it’s difficult to escape the prevailing wisdom of how studios formulate their respective franchises. There’s the Marvel method, which embraces the colorful comic tones and inherent silliness of the medium, but at its worst can lead to tedium. The efforts of other studios (Fox, WB, Sony) in recent […]

Bryan Singer Plans to Make a Team Up Team Up out of X-Men and the Fantastic Four


If Fox had a house motto, it would be: “we do not sow. Now let us spit on your Quicksilver, Marvel.” Bryan Singer loves a few things.  Director’s Cuts, long walks on the beach, and movies centered around Time Travel, to name a few.  Now we can add crossovers to that list as well.  In an […]

New Fantastic Four TV Spot Focuses on Team Dynamic & Highlights Distinct Lack of Confidence


The buildup to Fox-Marvel’s Fantastic Four has been incredibly quiet compared to the way that the Disney-Marvel typically advertises their superhero beat-em-ups.  The film releases on August 7th, and so far we’ve gotten two trailers and now this TV Spot, which demonstrates how far CGI has come since 2005.  We still know very little about the […]

Fantastic Four helmer Josh Trank: Working on Star Wars was like being trapped in a Paddy Chayefsky script


  When Josh Trank (Chronicle, Fantastic Four) no showed at Star Wars Celebration this year, fans of the franchise knew that the writing was likely on the wall for her furthered involvement in the series. Given reports of his erratic behavior on the set of Fantastic Four, his exit from the Star Wars spin-off that […]