Review: 5 comics that grabbed my attention this week


Our Mother by Luke Howard Comics has become the territory of many examinations of mental health in regard to personal history, and each manifestation of this is going to be as varied as the individuals tackling it. Luke Howard takes an immensely refreshing approach by splitting up the details into various comics of different genres and […]

Review: Libby’s Dad – Eleanor Davis on Limited Perspectives of Childhood


There’s a fantastic moment early in Libby’s Dad, Eleanor Davies latest comic, in which one of the girls attending a birthday party is wondering why their friend Taylor, who normally hangs out with them, is absent from the party. What follows is a surreal exchange where the other girls whispers hearsay and the girl mistake this gossip as the truth of a wiser, slightly older kid.

Retrofit announces Summer list and Kickstarter with Corman, Kochalka, Davis and more


  Retrofit Comics has been putting out some of the finest small press comics of recent years and they’ve announced their Spring/Summer 2016 line with Leela Corman, Alabaster Pizzo, Kaeleigh Forsyth, James Kochalka, Paloma Dawkins, Eleanor Davis and Luke Howard so this season should be just as fantastic. They’re running a Kickstarter to pay for printing and artist […]

NYC’s real super week and TONIGHT’S TO DOs with Eleanor Davis and the CBLDF


The week between SPX and the Brooklyn Book Festival has evolved into a real “indie super week” on the eastern seaboard, as touring cartoonists barnstormed and socialized at a furious pace. The week perhaps culminated in the Bergen Street Comic/Fantagraphics Brooklyn Book Fest kick off party Saturday, where Eleanor Davis, Michael Deforge, Patrick Kyle, Simon […]

The Beat Podcasts! – SDCC ’14 Day 2: Don Rosa, Eleanor Davis, Lucy Knisley & Archie Comics


Live from San Diego Comic Con, it’s More To Come! Publishers Weekly’s podcast of comics news, interviews and discussion with Calvin Reid, Kate Fitzsimons and The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald. In part two of More To Come’s San Diego Comic-Con special, Calvin Reid talks to Don Rosa about Scrooge McDuck, European fans and Carl Barks; […]