ECCC ’13 Liveblogging Skybound: On the Rise

It’s almost time for the Skybound: On the Rise panel at the Emerald City con. We’ll be liveblogging it, so get ready to start hitting reload. Our cast: Charlie Adlard, Ryan Ottley, Brandon Sieffert and Joshua Williamson. A new character named Ezekiel will be coming to Walking Dead. There’s now a website. Ottley is told […]

ECCC ’13 Liveblogging Pint O’ CB

It’s almost time for the Pint O’ C.B. panel at Emerald City Comicon and we’re going to be liveblogging. Get ready to start hitting refresh. Our Cast: C.B Cebulski, Sam Humphries, Cullen Bunn, Mark Waid, Daniel Way, Jeanine Schaeffer, Matt Fraction, Sana Amanat, Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan. Ah… no Marvel PR on the panel… Q: How […]

Emerald City Comic Con kicks off today


Time to break in those shoes and hydrate — big con season is back starting today with the Emerald City Comic Con. The tribe has already gathered, if our twitter feed is any indication, and a plethora of exclusives and signings will be available. ECCC, as it’s known, has definitely become one of the finest regional cons on the circuit and we expect to hear a lot of news as everyone explains what they did on their winter vacation.

Dynamite Announces Emerald City Con Schedule

Shadow Year One #1 ECCC Wagner

Emerald City Comicon kicks off tomorrow in Seattle.  If you happen to be out that way, Dynamite has announced it’s convention schedule.  If you haven’t noticed, Dynamite’s been adding more “name” creators lately, with another one set to be unveiled… well, there’s a 2pm signing Friday, so the creator pretty much has to be there, […]