The Beat Goes To The Movies: The Martian


The week of its release, and The Martian’s science is already outdated by the recent discovery of water on Mars. Years from now, viewers will look back and shake their heads at the barren and dry depiction of the planet, along with the size and dimensions of cell phones, probably. Or the fact that we even had cell phones.

But we’ll forgive The Martian for being so last week.

The holiday in Marvel Movies: Days of Future Past prevails, Wright gets support; Daredevil gets new showrunner


§ So X-Men: Days of Future Past lived up to predictions and crushed at the box office, making $111 over the holiday weekend, making it the fifth largest Memorial day opening, and surging to $302 million worldwide. (I should note that the $111 was below this optimistic Variety report’s $120 mil. Does that make it […]