FILM REVIEW: CARTOON COLLEGE Gets Under the Skin of Making Comics

Representing comics production in popular culture has long been missing a piece of the puzzle. We’ve had excellent documentaries about ground-breaking creators like Will Eisner, characters like Wonder Woman, and even explorations of rising con-culture in the USA, but the least likely to receive attention, the mode of indie comics production right now, has come out as the lead story in Tara Wray and Josh Melrod’s CARTOON COLLEGE. This is a documentary ahead of its time, since the subject could easily have languished for another decade or more in the shadow of further works on superheroes, the history of the big two, or just worthy single-creator features. However, in an instance of remarkable commitment to a pressing, immediate subject, Wray and Melrod have delivered not only the stories of aspiring comics artists as they grapple with real-life issues, but also a film rendered so professionally and decisively that it can stand alongside documentaries of other art forms in the public arena right now.

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