If a real Spider-Man fought crimes, it would look something like this

reallifespidey.jpg   An Australian comics shop owner who was dressed as Spider-Man for his Free Comic Book Day festivities confronted a real life perp, who tried to steal a $150 X-Man Omnibus.

… Michael Baulderstone, 45, owner of the Adelaide Comics Center, said he was dressed as Marvel comics character Spider-Man for Saturday’s international “free comic book day,” which promotes literacy, when a customer without a costume grabbed a $150 book, the “X-Man Omnibus,” from a window display, The Times of London reported Monday.

Another employee of the store, who was dressed as the Flash, and other customers, dressed as Jedi Knights, helped subdue the suspect until police arrived.

…Finally, as the video shows, a real life Spider-man’s crime solving would involve walking around holding a ruck-sack.