NYCC’14: “DC Digital First” New Titles Announced


By David Nieves Today during DC’s “Download This!” panel new books were announced that will expand the publisher’s digital comics universe. Wonder Woman 77  will be written Marc Andreyko with cover art contributed by Nicola Scott. No story details or interior artist were mentioned, but the comic will debut as a six-part weekly series in December […]

More Publishers Join No-DRM Movement at ComiXology


By Bruce Lidl A number of comics publishers today joined comiXology’s no-DRM initiative, and will start offering their titles without digital anti-copying technology. Comixology’s announcement at San Diego in July that publishers could now distribute DRM-free focused on a small group of early enthusiasts, including Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Zenescope Entertainment, MonkeyBrain Comics, Thrillbent, and Top Shelf Productions. From conversations […]

Tablets and Phablets and Digital Comics


Mobile Device Sizes Changing Rapidly by Bruce Lidl While the landscape for digital comics continues to develop in the post-Amazon takeover of comiXology era, the devices upon which those comics will be consumed are evolving as well. New announcements and new devices appear almost daily, with a number of eagerly-awaited devices rumored to hit in […]

C2E2: Marvel Takes Digital to a New Level, Reveals Documentary Series in the Works


Marvel’s House of Ideas panel at C2E2 2015 was hosted by Ryan Penagos and features Nick Lowe, Joshua Hale Fialkov, and Mark Waid on stage, focusing heavily on Marvel’s digital endeavors with brief mentions of the 75th anniversary of Marvel Comics, the Marvel Gaming Universe, and a new documentary series called Tales to Astonish.

Joshua Hale Fialkov and Juan Bobilo will be bringing Amazing Spider-man: Who Am I? to the Marvel Infinite Comics lineup, but unlike titles like AvX and Wolverine, Who Am I? will be released in a batch on May 6 containing the first four chapters, with another batch of chapters to be released approximately a month later.

Image Expo: Digital Remaining DRM-Free

by Bruce Lidl Last week’s 2014 edition of the ImageExpo has generated a large amount of coverage for both new title announcements, and for the dearth of diversity among the presented creators. From a practical standpoint, Image Publisher Eric Stephenson and Business Development Head Ron Richards clearly got their money’s worth of publicity from the […]

You should buy this: Farel Dalrymple’s It Will All Hurt


I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’m not a digital reader at all- there are a few web-comics which I love and keep up with and that’s it. I’ve tried reading comics on an e-reader but as idealistic and romanticised and dinosaurish as it may sound, the experience is simply too impersonal for me […]

The money model again: digital and the web and what works


In a follow-up to his hit post on the economics of print comics, Jim Zub is back with a look at digital comics metrics, including the percentages taken by each step in the pipeline complete with PIE…charts. A lot of people have talked about the need for cheaper digital comic prices to drive impulse buying […]

Comixology heads for 100 millionth download

At the start of the year, comiXology had recorded 50 million downloads. And in 9 months they’re barreling towards 100 million. That would be more than 5.5 million downloads a month. How does that compare to print? Paging John Jackson Miller! “This has been a banner year for comiXology,” said co-founder and CEO David Steinberger […]

Classics Illustrated go digital from Trajectory

Classics Illustrated, the comics Cliff Notes series that has been around in various iterations for over 60 years, making the line a classic in and of itself—they’ve just gone digital with ebook publisher Trajectory. Over 120 titles will be launched from both iTunes and the iBook store, selling for $4.99 each. These look to be the ’50s original Classics Illustrated, celebrated in rhyme and song.

Waid's Webcomics Initiative (Thrillbent / Insufferable) Launches

Mark Waid’s been threatening to go digital for quite some time. He’s also had a history of exploring options outside of DC and Marvel. Waid spent some time at Crossgen, launched his creator-owned Empire with Barry Kitson over at Image under the tragically short-lived Gorilla imprint, did Hunter/Killer with Marc Silvestri for Top Cow and spent some time as E-I-C at BOOM!, where he launch a few books with Irredeemable as his flagship title. Now he’s finally combining those longstanding threats and his independent work with “Thrillbent.”

New issue of comics e-magazine INK available

INK is a digital comics magazine put out by the kids at the School of Visual Arts—New York’s all-purpose art school that’s a hotbed of cartooning talent. We told you about the fall issue when it came out, and the new spring edition is now here, with comics and features. Although you can read the entire contents in PDF form, it’s been optimized for the new retina display iPad. It’s also a free download for all iOS devices.

Waid launches Thrillbent digital comics portal

At his panel tonight at C2E2, Mark Waid revealed the details of his ambitious new Thrillbent digital comics portal. It’s a new entrant in the original digital comics race, but one with some heavy hitting talent behind it—in addition to Waid, John Rogers is a founder, and artist Peter Krause, who previously teamed with Waid for IRREDEEMABLE, will be collaborating on a new strip with him.

Graphicly gets out of apps and into eBooks

And so the orphan comics begin…one of the three most prominent comics reading apps is getting out of the app business, as Graphicly has just announced they’re focusing on transitioning all kinds of material— not just comics—into ebook format for tablets. You can read the whole announcement below, but basically all of the books your purchased through Graphicly apps will still be readable—you just won’t be able to download the apps any more.

That leaves comiXology and iVerse in the comics app business…for now. Ebooks are a huge and growing market and lots of print publishers are trying to get their products into the new platforms. Graphicly has been moving more and more into offering self-authoring tools, so it all seems like a natural progression. And where does this leave such comics-centric acquisitions as iFanboy? Developing…

ComiXology has more than 50 million digital comics downloads

Since debuting in 2009, Comixology has sold more than 50 million comics, CEO David Steinberger told ICv2.

5 million of those came in December alone. That’s 1.4 millino less than the 6.4 million comics sold in the same period, ICv2 notes. However, a significant portion of the digital comics were free, so it’s not a direct comparison.

Apple launches standalone comics section of iBookstore — UPDATE

You know how we always wondered what would be the iTunes of comics? It has turned out to be iTunes. Apple has just launched a separate comics/graphic novels section for its iBookstore. It’s a full feature sub-section includes an impressive Marvel bookstore, a “Comics Page” promotions for comic strip books, a Walking Dead section, and most impressively, separate promotions for CLEVELAND by Harvey Pekar and Joseph Remnant and Lela Lee’s FAIRY TALES FOR ANGRY LITTLE GIRLS.

Apple's new iBooks Author sounds great—but is it?

by Matt Demers

[Yesterday’s Apple announcement about a self-authoring tool to get books into the iBookstore sounded like a boon to comics creators and part of the whole DIY movement. However, as Matt Demers writes, it’s not all as rosy as it looks.]

In one of their much-hyped press events yesterday, Apple unveiled a new version of their iBooks with a specific focus on educational texts. When viewed on students’ iPads, these once-boring textbooks would come alive with video, animations and graphics. There would also be the ability to annotate and create interactive glossaries, possibly bringing a bit of future flair to the medium.