DC reveals first look at Ethan Van Sciver on GREEN LANTERN CORPS: EDGE OF OBLIVION

sciver lantern

  GREEN LANTERN CORPS: EDGE OF OBLIVION is a new 6-issue miniseries written by Tom Taylor (INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, BATMAN/SUPERMAN) with art by Ethan van Sciver. And here is a preview. Colorist Jason Wright also did a fine job on these. GREEN LANTERN CORPS: EDGE OF OBLIVION #1 Written by TOM TAYLOR Art and cover […]

DC Super Hero Girls line gets a graphic novel: “Finals Crisis”


The DC Super Hero Girls franchise, which appears to my pretty darned toyetic, is moving right along, with the first print graphic novel announced: DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: FINALS CRISIS. As previously announced, it will be written by Shea Fontana, with art by Yancey Labat, colors by Monica Kubina, and lettering by Janice Chiang. The book goes on sale on July 6th.

‘Batman vs. Superman’ in race to see who is the biggest fascist


Well last night’s Batman v Superman trailer debut definitely perked things up for this film. After the underwhelming sepia-toned teaser from Monday this stoked the chatter to acceptable levels with variety of villains and a question of just how heroic all these heroes are going to be. And for the first time, the Big Three of DC in one film.

Here’s 49 seconds of Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice


A Batman v Superman teaser was released tonight and it really puts the “v” in BvS! The shot opens with Batman (Ben Affleck) hanging from chains. Superman (Henry Cavill) strides into the room and some guards to look Naziish bow before him! What! Is Superman a fascistic overlord after all? And then…he rips of Batman mask!

Behind the scenes at WB: tons of pressure on Batman v Superman


I don’t know what’s best about a trio of stories in Variety that goes behind the scenes at WB and its film struggles and TV triumphs: the fact that there’s enough Kremlinology material to last right through the holiday or the sweet ills by R. Kikuo Johnson that show an embattled Kevin Tsujihara teetering near the WB water tower and studio facade.

Frank MIller plugs Peter Kuper, Ex-Lax and a crueler Batman in his Twitter chat


Frank Miller’s Twitter chat finished up a little bit ago and some how the tweets of the questions didn’t get linked to the answers…which gives the whole thing an even more surreal quality. Miller does give Brian Azzarello credit for the whole DKIII idea yet again, so this is obviously the line moving forward. The […]

Tomorrow Frank MIller tweets an AMA…who will survive?


DC has announced a “Tweet at Frank Miller” event for tomorrow, Friday November 20, from 10amPT/1pmET to 11amPT/2pmET. Using the hashtag #FrankMillerChat you can ask him about “the main story, the mini comics and probably the most often-asked question since the book’s announcement, “What’s up with that title?””

We’re not sure that is REALLY the most […]

DC Comics Month-to Month Sales: October 2015 – Crawling Up Into the Continuity Hole


When the early Diamond info came out this month the Friday before the Top 300 charts were released (as they generally do every month), there was much consternation, as Marvel dominated both the top ten and also nearly doubled DC in market share. The instant conclusion that was jumped to in many quarters was that Marvel crushed DC in October. DC must have had a horrible month, right?

Eh, not so much.

Total sales for DC were actually up over September by more than 100K. Average sales per title were down slightly, just 0.5%. Average sales for Vertigo were down because last month was a Sandman month, but the median sales per title for Vertigo were up by about 2.5K, due to the Vertigo relaunch.

Hillary Clinton supporter Frank Miller is speaking his mind about Dark Knight III…and IV???


With the release of Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 next week, Frank Miller is doing the rounds of promo, including interviews at Newsarama and Vulture. And they are chock full of shocking surprises. • Although at previous press events Miller was deferential to his DKIII co-writer Brian Azzarello, saying “He’s the one working […]