First Look at Legends of Tomorrow the new Flash/Arrow spinoff


As TV’s upfronts continue, the CW is doubling down on its DC related program with Legends of Tomorrow, the recently announced show set in the Flash/Arrow-verse. Her’es a look at Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/The Atom, Victor Garber as Martin Stein, Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Ciara Renée […]


Here’s why it’s so hard to make a Wonder Woman movie


Yesterday’s Kim Masters piece on the WB superhero program revealed a lot of behind-the-scenes disarray, especially with the long problematic Wonder Woman movie. Five screenwriters and two directors…I think a revolving door is an apt metaphor. As I’ve written here countless times and other have also written countless times, no one knows HOW to make […]


On the Scene with Smaller Cons—Wizard World and Big Wow

Steve Leialoha

by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Comic con season is upon us. It’s time for lining up, hoping to get that autograph and waiting to get into that must see panel. If it’s a murder of crows and a gaggle of geese what do you call a plethora of comic cons—a cacophony? The big ones—San Diego in July […]


DC’s Cinematic Universe has growing pains: “Kevin Feiges don’t grow on trees.”


Veteran industry reporter Kim Masters has a MUST READ piece in THR today about the state of superhero movies at WB. It seems that WB/DC’s struggle to get parity in the superhero movie arena with the massive runaway TGV success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not going all that great with a lot of cooks making different dinner plans. No fewer than FIVE scripts have been commissioned for Wonder Woman and three for Aquaman in what sounds like a directionless quest for something that works.

An insider says that have a “filmmaker-driven” agenda for making the 10 superhero movies planned for the rest of this decade. But that approach doesn’t necessarily lead to the coherent universe that MCU fans seem to like:


Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello planning THE DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE for fall — UPDATED


Always three there are…for many months rumors have been swirling about Frank Miller penning, at least, a third volume in his Dark Knight series, and it’s now been confirmed via the above tweet. It’s the 30th anniversary of the original Dark Knight in 1986 so how better the celebrate than with a NEW DARK KNIGHT!

While Miller’s health has been in question in recent years, we’re told he remains sharp as a tack and eager to take on this project. Given the controversy over his recent Holy Terror, the title—referencing The Master Race—could presage even more controversy.

Brian Azzarello will be the co-writer on the projects, which will come out twice monthly, run for eight issues and start in late fall 2015. The art team has yet to be announced.


DC and partners to launch DC Super Hero Girls universe for girls


Little girls like superheroes! At least that’s what WB’s hopes with a while new universe created just for girls aged 6-12. As announced in a news blast the new line will come with heavy hitting partners, including Mattel, which will launch its first ever action figures for girls, Random House and Lego. Dolls for girls! Inconceivable!

While the news is a stunner for the long boy-focused DC Entertainment line, with the swift evolution of comics to a co-ed undertaking, it’s only good business. Plus, if you hang around Disney long enough you’ll notice two things: #1 girl-based licensing programs like Disney Princesses make billions of dollars. #2 people like superheroes.

Put em both together and you MIGHT have a winner.


The New 52 is now the Old 52: a look back


With Convergence, aka Atlas Moving Vans, now rolling out in the DCU and the New 24 about to launch, several websites have taken a look back at The New 52, which launched in September of 2011 and super-charged the comics industry. As I’ve written several times before, the pr for the New 52 immediately lifted the entire comics industry with more customers coming into stores and finding a lot of new comics to read. Call it the Millennial Rush. The debut of Saga #1 six months later hooked those who were just nibbling and he rest is history: record breaking sales.


Goodbye 1700: DC’s New York offices close for good today


Usually when I say someone retiring is the end of an era, I mean that the way that person did business is gone. In this case I really do mean it is the end of the era of New York publishing in general, and New York comics publishing in specifics.


Vertigo announces AMPED TEAM: Kripke, Higgins and Bolland


Well since the TV show was announced, they might as well announce the comic. DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint, home to creator-driven, standalone and high concept stories, will publish AMPED from acclaimed television creator Eric Kripke (SUPERNATURAL, REVOLUTION).    In the Fall of 2015, AMPED will be released as a six-issue monthly comic book miniseries. The […]


Comings and going: Bethany Bryan and Molly Mahan


More editorial moves around comics, as Bethany Bryan has joined Papercutz as Associate Editor. An industry veteran, Bryan comes from a background in children’s books, starting her career at Scholastic, working on books for babies and toddlers, and then moving over to library nonfiction publishing for a teen market. A writer, she’s frequently published online, and co-edits Gamervescent, […]


DC Comics Month-to Month Sales: February 2015 – Batman is an Orphan Too…

harleyquinn variant

reetings, sales charts fans! It’s time once again to look at DC’s sales figures.

While DC’s top seller, Batman, slid to #5 on the Diamond chart–behind the debut issues of Orphan Black (Loot Crate-enhanced), Darth Vader, and Spider-Gwen; and the second issue of Star Wars–things were in fact a bit rosier for DC in February. Especially compared to January, as the Harley Quinn freely-orderable variant was a good deal more popular with those doing the ordering than last month’s Flash variant. In most cases adding 2K – 4K more copies for those titles with the HQ variant. (A couple, Batman & Flash, went up about 8K; while Batgirl mysteriously dropped instead.)

For the most part, DC is in a holding pattern right now, as many titles are coming to a close next month and the move-induced mega-event Convergence on the slate for April & May followed by a sizable relaunch in June. So you’ll have to forgive the brevity of many of the comments below, as their just isn’t that much to say this month that hasn’t already been said before. Don’t worry, I promise that the next few month’s DC sales charts will have plenty more excitement!


Who should play Jesse Custer in the Preacher TV Show?


The PReacher pilot is HAPPENING. I never believed this day would come. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s scabrous, epic take on religion, armageddon and personal honor is still violent and shocking. But it’s happening.


DC Comics pulls controversial Batgirl variant cover at the creative team’s wish


A controversial variant cover of Batgirl has been pulled following objections—including objections raised by the book’s creative team.


nuDC: Batman is a robot, Wonder Woman is Captain Wolverine and Superman put on jeans


This week DC has been revealing new looks for its core characters, including some startling fashion changes. The new looks have been revealed in various places We’ve cobbled it all up for you below but here’s the shorter version:


Jamie S. Rich joines Vertigo as Senior Editor


Yes, it's true. I have joined @vertigo_comics as Senior Editor. Today was my first day. Lots of exciting things in the works. Stay tuned. — Jamie S. Rich (@jamieESrich) March 12, 2015 Wait'll they get a load of me. — Jamie S. Rich (@jamieESrich) March 11, 2015 Continuing their social media transparency on new […]


DC Comics Month-to Month Sales: January 2015 – Flash Drop


Greetings, sales charts fans! It’s time once again to look at DC’s sales figures.

This month, nearly all of the comics with freely-orderable variants (Flash 75th anniversary) saw a drop of 3-4K. We’ve seen drops on these in the past months, but they were so uniform this month that I thought that maybe something else was going on. But the more I looked at it, I became convinced that it was the case the retailers as a whole just dropped their orders on these.