Review: DC Legends brings the Blackest Night to mobile gaming


The DC Comics universe has never really had its fair share of mobile games in comparison to their rival publisher. Sure, there have been solid releases alongside games like the original Injustice: Gods Among Us, but those typically felt like companion apps more than an individual experience. Now WB Games San Francisco is looking to bring […]

Vertigo Teases SHERIFF OF BABYLON’s Return


This morning, DC Comics sent out a cryptic email asking audiences to “STAY TUNED.”  It came along with the image below advertising season two of Tom King’s and Mitch Gerad’s critically acclaimed Vertigo Series, Sheriff of Babylon.  The image depicts a sheriff’s star obfuscated by the windswept sands of an Iraqi desert. A plane soars in […]

DC REBORN ROUND-UP: SUPERMAN #10 Shines Bright and PREZ Makes a Stellar Return in a Questionable CATWOMAN Election Special


In June, DC Comics kicked off the start of its Rebirth initiative. After a wave of criticism surrounding the way they have treated their characters’ rich histories since 2011’s New 52 relaunch, DC has decided to rebrand. They hope that by restoring their characters’ pasts, they will restore readers’ faith in them as well.  Do […]