ADVANCE REVIEW: The Wonderful Fever Dream of Hellboy in Hell #7

cover by Mignola with Stewart

England is gone, replaced by a new World Tree, promising to end this world and replace it with something new. Hellboy speaks with a spirit that may be his friend Alice, but who also appears to be something more. She delivers a prophecy of doom and beauty to Hellboy, who awakens, and finds himself in Hell once more. And then things start to get weird.

SDCC ’15: Win rare ‘Fight Club 2’ signed variants and swag by scratching and sniffing bookmarks


Dark Horse wants to put your senses to the test. Fans of Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club 2 will have the chance to win some signed rare comic books, collector’s edition novel and the collected hardcover graphic novel by scratchin’ & sniffin’ some bookmarks and supporting your local comic book retailer. This is like Fight Club except you can talk about it. 

Dark Horse signs “first-look” deal with Universal Cable Productions


Just a few months after signing Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick to a television production deal, Universal continues to link up with comic book creative forces, as their cable division (UCP) has signed a first-look deal with Dark Horse Comics, adapting a number of the publisher’s titles for the small screen and according to […]

FINALLY: Read Dark Horse on ComiXology and Check out this big sale!


Comics fans have really taken to ComiXology over the past couple of years, but they have been extremely contentious with one comics publisher who has refused to take their wares over to the digital comics storefront: Dark Horse. Now the company has ceremoniously decided to take their acclaimed licenses and series over to the digital […]

Alex de Campi donates book sales to spite “the Taxman”


The Phoenix Comicon looked like a blockbuster success. The attendance figures are predicted to hit over 80,000 passes sold, but there were some issues the fans wouldn’t have noticed. The Arizona Department of Revenue were on site making sure all the exhibitors had acquired a Phoenix Privilege (Sales) Tax License before the con opened it’s doors. The Phoenix […]

Nine editors promoted at Dark Horse


Dark Horse’s book trade sales are up 30% in three years and to celebrate, they’re promoting nine editorsCalvin Reid reports. The moves include the promotion to senior editor of Dave Marshall, who will oversee such series as Mass Effect, Avatar Last Airbender, World of Warcraft. Philip Simon has also been promoted to senior editor and […]

Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment to co-produce The Fifth Beatle


Okay one more comics-to-movies announcement for the day, and this one is pretty unsurprising—ever since Tony-winning producer Vivek J. Tiwary wrote The Fifth Beatle, a powerful biography of Beatles manager Brian Epstein, it seemed destined for the big screen. With outstanding art by Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker, the book is not only an Eisner […]